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 Hello, Welcome to JT Ingram Technologies. We are a supplier of Fiber Optic Assemblies, Fiber Optic Cables, Fiber Optic Arrays. We offer Fiber Optic Componants and Systems covering the MID infrared, UV, Visable, and NIR. We offer Trace gas analysis Instruments, Diamond ATR probes, Fiber coupled LEDs, Optical componants,  Fiber Optics and Fiber assemblies from the UV through 18um, Precision Laser Optics and Laser delivery systems, Instruments, Detectors and Light Sources. 


ATR Probe for Lab Use

MID Infrared Fiber Optic Cables

0.2 N.A. Fiber input focusing system 08-FFS-1 

02-010 High Power Fiber Optic Collimator

Fiber Optic Vacuum Feedthroughs


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Jim Ingram
Marketing Manager